Mesquite Killin

It’s that time of year again,, time to crank up the sprayer and kill mesquite. I know some of you tree huggers out there say that killing any tree ain’t good,, but you’ve never had to deal with mesquite before. It ain’t a pretty site. I suppose that mesquite was originally brought into this here country by man,,, probably thinking that he could help ole mother nature do her job better,, but that didn’t work out so great for man.

So here we are,, maybe a couple or three hundred years later trying to deal with the effect of a man made remedy to some problem perceived by man and not leaving the ultimate solution to nature. I wonder what would happen if we just left all politics and government to nature. Maybe ole mother nature would get it right after all. I mean there wouldn’t be any Republicans nor Democrats,, just people. There wouldn’t be any capitalists,, just nature and a tribe of villagers.

I suppose in the end,, it wouldn’t matter because the individuals would begin to fight and wisdom would not prevail,,, brothers and sisters would take up arms against each other and some would start businesses to exploit the “others”. There would be wide spread propoganda to make sure the “others” never questioned those who started the companies that exploit their own brothers and sisters. Those in power via businesses would want to start a system that would oppress the “others” and anyway those in power could strengthen their hold on the “others” they would.

The masses of people who are called the “others” would be happy with just some tidbits that are thrown to them by those in power and someone, somewhere would still never find a use for that damn mesquite. So,, back to my reality,, spraying mesquite. I wish I were Tom Sawyer (the lawyer) who could get others to magically spray my mesquite for me,, but it ain’t gonna happen,, unless I become the taskmaster and then I have to exploit the “others”. I offer no health care, no retirement benefits, only charge per drink of water in the hot hot Texas sun and generally allow 2 minutes of breaks of week. I shall reward those “others” with tidbits.

Wow, it is amazing what happens when you reverse roles. So how does mesquite killin relate to a jury trial? Sometimes man has created a monster (government or big business) that has thrown humanness outta kilter, and a jury must restore the balance. Maybe that’s the villain. Have a nice day,, I’m off to spray mesquite while it’s still cool.


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