San Antonio, Here I Come

It’s Saturday and time to go to San Antonio for a seminar about humaness. Now if you look up that word I just used,, humaness,, you probably ain’t gonna find it anywhere in any dictionary,, but it sure as hell is in mine. I use this word because that’s exactly what I go to these seminars for,,, to get human. I sure as hell don’t go to get “lawyerly”,, probably another word that ain’t in the English language.

I am convinced that when we are in front of 12 people we have never met before,, it’s more important to be human than “lawyerly”. The biggest problem I have today, is dealing with what I think were born humans becoming lawyers and acting as such. I do not communicate with this species. It’s almost a human species, but not quite as these “lawyers” have lost their ability to be just human.

I notice that this species reproduces,, although they tend to sue each other in courts as a condition to mating or shortly thereafter and generally tend to think they are smarter than everyone else. I also notice that they don’t get along with most human beings,, just members of their own pack.

I guess along the way, this species learns to survive by writing its own rules and speaking its own language. I also notice that today, the human species doesn’t have much respect for this species called “lawyers”. Growing up, I remember that it did not used to be like that. Lawyers had respect and were well thought of in the community.

I guess what happened was over time the human aspect left the “lawyering” and lawyers became something other than human. It’s terribly sad this happened. So today, I’m going to try and deprogram everything about being a lawyer has taught me and just work on my humaness. Have a nice day, I’m off to San Antonio.


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