How To Beat The Heat

It’s expectin to be over 100 here and hotter than hell. I don’t really enjoy working outside in this heat, but there’s stuff that’s gotta get done and I have been watching the animals to learn how to beat the heat.

It seems that whenever I need to really know something important, I just watch animals who instinctively know how to do certain things,, including beating the heat. I watch the dogs and cats and notice some important lessons. First and foremost, they ain’t dumb enough to work. Second, they just seem to play all day. Third, if they do have to work,, i.e., “hunt” for their food bowl,, they don’t do it in the heat of the day,, they do it at night or early in the morning. Fourth, any activity in the heat of the day is done in the shade.

I don’t know about you, but these domesticated “dumb” animals ain’t so dumb after all. Just some of their instincts survived in the modern world. So I’m gonna take a lesson from these “dumb” animals and do what they do, now if I can only find a way to play all day.

You know, you can learn a lot from animals and kids,, probably more than you could ever hope to learn from some dead, cold, boring law book. When we are in front of a jury, the instincts we are born with are far more important than the idiotic things those who have never tried a case might regurgitate to us, (law professors). Have a nice day, I’m going to spray mesquite this morning before it gets too hot.


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