Most Counties Just Want Their Money

It seems that most counties just want to get paid. I am coming to believe that this is the universal theme no matter where I go. Yesterday, I was in 2 different counties answering charges for people accused of financial crimes. Nothing serious, but none the less, the punishment seemed to be directly related to the ability to pay money.

I know that one county was so concerned about money that they told my client that there would be __ days in jail or if you pay the restitution,,, no time in jail. I also saw that in the other county. It appears that most people who commit financial crimes never repay the money,, unless it’s a smaller amount and I suppose that it is better to get the money than clog the jails with those who never pay.

I also see the reverse side of this dilemma,, I have been written hot checks before and I don’t care much for that at all. I’d rather have a client tell me they can only afford x dollars rather than write a check and have it bounce. Sometimes, just being upfront with everyone else is the best policy.

I often wonder what would happen if the financial crime cases were tried from the standpoint of the dollar bill versus the viewpoint of the person writing the check. I mean, what would happen if we were to follow the actual purchases of the money that was written, versus the DA’s logic that you shouldn’t write a check if you don’t have the money available in your account. I suppose that’s easy for them to say,,, because they get a weekly check with medical benefits and the like,, but what about those who need to eat or take medicine to live? I mean does society really want to punish those who can’t afford the high price of medicine? Maybe the system in place for “free” medicine failed us.

I don’t know the answer, but next time I find the right case with the right policy that needs the public’s attention,,, I will try that case. Maybe it will be the veteran who needs his medicine to survive,, or maybe it will be the child who is terminally ill,, but when the case arrives and it will, I’ll try it. Maybe I’ll try it from the standpoint of the obscene profits the drug companies make in producing this drug and then advertising that the drug is free for those who can’t afford it,,, who says corporate America doesn’t have a conscious? You know, if it’s survival we talk about,, then what the hell is a piece of paper printed with some dead president’s picture on it,,, when if we don’t take this medicine,, we die.

Anyway,, in trial in front of a jury sometimes the story needs to be told from the standpoint of something else than the people in the case. Just make damn sure you know your client’s story and then tell it. Have a nice day, I’m off to Bryan, then San Antonio, then Austin, then Dallas, then New York, then ,,,,,,


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