Bling The Waitress

You know, part of life is just seeing and meeting new people doing everyday things. I am sitting in Ama’s, a restauraunt in Hearne, Texas waiting to meet my client and Bling the Waitress greets me and asks me if I want something to drink. I explain to her that I desperately need a diet coke,, excuse me Gods of marketing, with some limes in it while I wait to meet my client and his wife.

I am then brought a drink with the limes and I explain to Bling that I’m really a messy eater and need several napkins, which Bling graciously provides me. Now there’s not much going on while I wait, but I eventually see my client and his wife arrive and bingo, Bling waits on us. I never got Bling’s real name, I just try and tell the truth about what I see and Bling had on some funny costume jewelry,, hence the name Bling.

I’m not making fun of Bling,, I believe that most of the wait staff had on some costume jewelry, but Bling seems to be the leader and not the follower of this group. I am always impressed with people and especially leaders. I kidded Bling about not having the matching grill to go along with her jewelry,, but she said that’s not my thing,,, and I’m my own person.

You know, as I pass time on this ball of dirt we call earth, I really appreciate originality and the courage to just be yourself. I notice that not many people in life have that courage and it just goes to show you that no matter what you do, if you are just yourself,,, you will be noticed for who you are and what you do. So Bling the Waitress,, thank you for reminding me just to be me,, nothing more, nothing less.

Now how does this relate to a jury trial? It is a sad fact in America today that not many people have the courage to just be themselves. Most are influenced by that boob tube and something called advertising telling us what to wear and what to buy and what to eat, etc. If an original person is ever found on your panel,,, put that person on the jury because they will become a member of the group, but not compromise their beliefs. Have a nice day,, I’m off to a new county.


One Response to “Bling The Waitress”

  1. Brittany Miss Bling Says:

    Hey its me.. miss bling.. my names brittany and I thank you for noticing that im ny own personmy mother always taught me that and i still by it.. I really appreciate the credit you gave me.

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