Crap, I Gotta Feed The Cats

I gotta feed the damn cats and then I gotta head to Houston this morning. It’s 3:30 A.M. and it’s dark outside. I can’t even see the damn shed where the cats are gonna eat. Perhaps these feral cats could return to the wild,, I mean after all, isn’t that what feral cats want to do? Why do I have to feed them? Can’t they survive by themselves?

Butterball left me a menu of things he’d like to see brought to him each morning in the way of breakfast, and I’m pretty sure that caviar ain’t nothing we got around here. I guess I’ll try and go to the pond and find a bass that is spawning and maybe he’ll get his caviar that way.

Momma Kitty and Meow have brought in their new crop of kitties and the number of cats just keeps growing and growing. I always thought that snakes hated cats and that cats would keep them away, but I’ve seen more damn snakes here in the last few days that I care to remember. Perhaps the cats have cut a deal with the snakes,,, don’t bite us and we’ll let you get the birds that live under the eaves.

I don’t know,, I just know that somebody ain’t doing their job and more than likely,, it’s the cats.

I read where several major league ball players and musicians get certain incentives to perform,,, like jelly beans or sunflower seeds,, so maybe I’ll put a clause into my contract about the client giving me incentives of cat food. I don’t know, but I know this,,, the cat food budget is very expensive.

So I gotta feed the cats and then go to Houston for a case. Sometimes, in trial, you’ve got to go the extra distance to get the job done,,, have a nice day and please send cat food.


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