Pressure Washers and Weed Eaters

I’m at my wit’s end. I am fixing a pressure washer that has sat up for better than a year or two and it’s amazing what little I remember about being a small engine mechanic. I have to replace the carburetor kit on this brand of pressure washer and once I was able to get the kit,, it took me an hour or so just to get the damn thing to run. The kit replaces all the old seals and gaskets and most parts in the fuel delivery system that have been clogged by “old” gas.

I must remember next year to put fuel stabilizer in all the carburetors that run gas, else the gas will varnish up and clog the fuel system. I seem to remember telling myself this last year,, I just forgot to do it. Now for those of you who don’t know anything about gas powered engines,, there are 3 essential elements to making one work.

First,, there has to be fuel. Second, there has to be spark and third,, there has to be compression. If those 3 things are present, the gas engine will run, plain and simple. If not,, well, you’ve got to figure out which one is missing and then correct it. Most of the time,, it’s fuel, whether it is out of gas, or whether the fuel delivery system is clogged.

The same is true of weed eaters, whether they are 2 cycle, (you have to mix the oil with the gas) or four cycle, (the oil goes into a separate part of the engine). Anyway, there you have it,, the nuts and bolts of gasoline engines.

How does this relate to a jury trial? Well, it’s like this, in any jury trial, you’ve got to have your client’s story, the villain, and the jury to do justice. If you don’t have each of these elements, your client won’t win. Have a nice day,,, I’m off to clean the garage.


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