It’s Like Fixin Cars

The more I think about it, the more I reckon trials are like fixing cars. I mean you first meet a client, then you ask questions, then you diagnose the problem, then you set about to fix it. I mean when you’re working on a car, there’s three things that must happen for it to run. There must be fuel, spark and compression. If you ain’t got any one of those three, the car ain’t gonna run.

So trial is kinda like that. You have to have certain elements in order to win. You have to have a villain, a hero, a story, and of course a narrator. It’s that simple.  Just like fixing cars, you introduce the villain first, then the hero, set the scene and narrate the story along. Your audience is the jury and your story ending is written by the jury.

So trying a case is like telling a story, you gotta set the scene, introduce the characters and show the action. It’s that simple,, or is it? Why do most “lawyers” not think in terms of story? Why do they think in terms of impressing the jury with their knowledge? Why do they lose so often? The audience is the one who will kill the villain, not the narrator. The audience is the one who will decide the outcome of the story, not the narrator.

So remember, trying a case is like fixing a car,, have a nice day, I’m off to the range.


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