Me, Baby and The Man-Cave

It’s true this time of year,,, Chuckwagon Sally went to Wyoming to a chili cook off and left me here with the dogs. Now normally, if it were me,, the dogs would remain outside where dogs belong,, but that ain’t the case here. I have been left in charge of the care taking of the dogs and cats and if I fail in my task,,, well,,, I’m screwed.

So you readers must understand that in the main ranch house, there’s the man cave. Normally, it is reserved for just me and my favorite dog,, Baby,, but lately what with Sally gone,, the other 2 dogs are slowly creeping into the man cave. Now Baby and me don’t mind Pocahontas coming in and visiting,, but that Geronimo,, well, he’s off limits. He belongs in the estrogen room,, safe with Sally,, but since she’s out of town,, well, I guess he gets kinda lonely.

I usually wake up bout 4:00 A.M. to let the dogs go out and start playing,, but lately, the 2 “other” dogs have wanted to go out early, somewhere around 1:30 A.M.,, so I let them out and go back to sleep. You know when Sally gets back,, the dogs will have learned a new trick and she’ll have to deal with it,, not me. I guess I’m like the bad uncle,, babysitting the nieces and nephews and feeding them only sugar. Well, I imagine that the parents will never ask me to babysit again once they get their sugar hyped kids back. So who’s dumber? Maybe I’ll never have to dog sit again.

Anyway, here at the man cave we have certain rules that are never to be broken. Some of the rules require expulsion if broken and some of them require corrective measures if violated. The 2 stranger dogs seem to adapt, but Geronimo doesn’t understand the necessity for the man cave. Once Pocahontas has puppies,,, I imagine he’ll want to join and probably will understand the rules in place.

I have created a safe space just for me. It is where I can go and be alone. I don’t see anything but my decorations on the walls and the room is full of books I read. The boob tube doesn’t even work and I could give a damn about it. There are guns and ammo everywhere,, along with my papers that I am working on and my desk for my computer. Baby has a bone or 2 on the bed and usually enjoys just sleeping here.

Anyway there you have it. I have created a safe space for me,,, my sanctuary. It is important that every jury have a safe place and sanctuary. Have you as a lawyer created one for them? Have a nice day,, I’m going to spray more pastures.


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