East Texas Justice

I happen to like East Texas. I am in court and have a very, very effective day cross examining the government’s main witnesses. I am using the soft cross techniques I have learned and getting fantastic admissions from the witnesses. It is so easy to get the witnesses to admit the truth,,, all you have to do is ask them properly.

The truth in law is what the client’s story is,, plain and simple. You must know the client’s story before you can know the witnesses role in the story. Once the client’s story is known,, the witnesses become secondary players and contrary to those great law professors,,, you can win your client’s case not really knowing the witnesses story.

You will never see a cross examination like the one I performed yesterday,,, they just don’t teach them in law school. Everyone in law school tells you to be confrontational, but why I ask? Here’s one,, why not tell your client’s story through cross examination of the witnesses? It can be done and you’d be surprised at the results that occur. Anyway,, I said I’d do more on cross examination and truthfully,, I will later.

I wanted to let you know just how beautiful it is driving through Texas to go to court in a different county. I was able to visit several court rooms along the way back, after my hearing and see the beauty in these magnificent buildings. I am grateful that the past administration spent money allowing many counties to restore these great buildings of justice and return many of them to their original condition.

I also imagine the horrors and injustices that occurred in each of these buildings throughout time. Some of the injustices still are occurring today. I can envision the DA’s withholding information about the innocence of someone or large corporations denying someone compensation for harms caused by them,,, but every once in awhile,, I see victory for the little guy. I see justice as it is meant to be,,, for those wronged by the acts of the powerful and those imprisoned by the acts of the government gone astray.

East Texas is a beautiful country,, it’s not all run by thugs or local power houses,, it’s the ability to find justice and carry that message that matters to the next generation. In your jury trials, just remember,,, you’re the messenger of justice for your client,, make damn sure you know your client’s story. Have a nice day,,, I’m off to …….

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