Help Wanted

I am sure that there is no other way to explore this option, so here goes. I have decided to hire someone to help me with all the stuff I gotta do. The workweek is hectic and there is very little pay,, with absolutely no benefits, but I am required to post the job listing none the less.

A general description goes something like this:

“Worker / thinker / poet / writer / rancher / farmer / ditch digger / mechanic / welder / heavy equipment operator / carpenter / engineer / hydrologist / electrician / painter / cook / bottle washer / accountant / maid / hunter / guide / tracker / cowboy / entrepreneur / copy boy / office clerk / merchant / brick layer / concrete worker / surveyor / pesticide applicator / tinkerer / plumber / money manager / reader / laborer / provider / friend / logger / a/c guy / diesel mechanic / decorator / songwriter / marksman / antique appraiser / well digger / fisherman / hunter / taxidermist / butcher / trapper / vet / doctor / computer technician / collector / friend / therapist / horticulturalist / agronomist / fence builder / and above must practice law”.

So if you know anyone who wants a job and meets those qualifications,,, just let me know and I’ll hire them.

That’s the problem with the work place environment today,,, no one knows what to do any more. We don’t have any jobs for people who do a little of everything,, just jobs for those who are specialized in only one thing. I begin to see the very essence of  a person taken from them when they just become one thing and only one thing. What creativity is left if all you do is attach widget A to frame B over and over and over again until you are the absolute best at that task?

I’m sure the corporate overlord will reward those who do that task with a gold watch after 30 years,, but at what cost to the person? And even if you become the absolute best at that task,,, won’t someone come along and eventually replace you doing the very same thing? Or maybe they’ll farm the job out to some foreign country at 1/100 of the pay. Who knows?

The absolute death of America as a society will come about when people stop playing and just become experts at one thing. I only want to be an expert at being me. Throughout school, we were instructed to become the best we could be,,, and training only for one task at hand. What happens if those in power decide to eliminate that very task at hand? What then becomes of your life’s work? How horrible of a death,,, “ole Joe was the absolute best veederzetzer maker in all of the country,, too bad there ain’t a market for them anymore.” Wonder what Joe  will do now that his life’s work and job is gone?

I preach against the evils of an expert telling us how to think,, what to do and why the great corporation or doctor wasn’t at fault. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find someone today, who for enough money wouldn’t say that the earth is flat and have the “qualifications and degrees” to back it up.

Yes, I’m leading up to cross examination of any expert today and we’ll get to that in time. So in a jury trial people are naturally looking to the expert to be the teacher,, the one who explains the workings of this machine,, or the intricacies of a complex biochemical reaction. I suppose that a lot of times the case turns on that expert’s opinion. So later I will show you a cross examination of their expert. Have a nice day and remember to play.


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