Where The Hell Is Mickey Mantle When You Need Him?

I remember the Mick. I had every card ever printed of him. In fact, I even had 5 or 6 of his rookie cards in excellent condition, until mother decided to sell them, along with my vintage collection of Mad magazines. I suppose she got a fair price for them at the time, but that would have been a nice retirement package if I still had them today.

Anyway, I got to thinking about the Mick and how he shaped my life and many others like me about my age. Mick was our sports hero growing up. There was no one as good as him and no one who could hit the long ball like he could. Just a humble kid from Oklahoma, until he met Billy Martin.

That Yankee’s team of the 60s was awesome,, winning a whole bunch of championships. Only the Cardinals were like them. I can remember the hot September nights listening to the Yankees and the Cardinals battling again. Bob Gibson, the great pitcher for the Cardinals and Mickey Mantle for the Yankees. What a match. No steroids,, just quite a few beers, but no drugs. Throwing the high hard one for those dumb enough to crowd the plate,,, head hunting took on a whole different meaning back then. The money was not like it is today and the stars didn’t have the attitude they do today. Not one of that era stars ever charged for autographs,, they did it out of a sense of obligation to the fans who paid the money, $1.00 for great seats, to come and see the stars of the day.

Burma Shave, Gillette single blade razor blades, Vitalis, Busch Beer, Maxwell House,,,, all bring back pleasant memories of a time forever frozen in my mind. I often wonder what kids today will remember,,, Viagra, Steroids, Facebook, Twitter, and who knows what else. The point is the things that we will remember as each generation passes will be out of date and only invoke pleasant memories to those who lived during simplier times.

I wonder if your jury has memories of old for those members my age, Mickey Mantle might be something worth mentioning,, for the Generation X folks,,, well, I haven’t got a clue what to mention. I just know one generation awards and the other takes away. Have a nice day, I’m off to the wildlife preserve I’m building on the ranch.


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