H.B. 666

I am reading this house bill that is going to become law someday and I’m a bit amazed. I didn’t think it would ever happen, but it has. Just like “Mancow” the conservative talk show host who said water boarding was not torture,, until he tried it, these ridiculous laws are insane. By the way, if you haven’t watched the “Mancow” video,, go to youtube and watch it. It shows water boarding. I thought that Sean Hannity of Fox news was man enough to try water boarding,,, but I guess he isn’t (what a girly-man).

Anyway, back to H. B. 666, I have not quoted the official language of the bill, but the sponsor,, Earnest “Hawk” Austin, has assured me that he will answer any questions regarding same. You see, for those of you who don’t know,, H. B. 666 outlaws thought,,, it simply makes thought crimes a felony.

I understand that “Hawk” has the support of the government and many, many corporate sponsors, along with all the conservative talk show hosts. I am concerned that he has the votes to push this law into effect and that it will become law September 1, 2009.

Our local government is in favor of this law,, officer Neverwrong can’t wait to start enforcing this measure,, probably through water boarding, and DA Life and Death have already reserved an extra wing at the local jail for this crime. Many of the Judges in conservative venues are favoring the enforcement of this law and are trying to push for life time appointments for their bench instead of elections to choose who makes the decisions concerning life and the death of the population.

It amazing to me that citizens have not rallied to quash this law. The ACLU is out in arms trying to quash this bill, but is being attacked by the conservative talk show hosts with their message of exclusion and their spewing of hatred. Many citizens listen to this venue and quite a few are gonna vote in favor of this bill.

I hear the Fox news experts who are fair and balanced tell their listening audience that anyone who thinks differently than we do,, well they are unpatriotic, communists, socialists, liberals, and anti-Christs. I see tea parties going on around the country and rallies justifying this act of our patriotic Americans who badly shape the morals of this great nation.

I see exclusion of all races who do not believe this law is for the greater good of all mankind. I see corporate America advertising at the theaters and on newspapers. I see several organizations in favor of this law.

So you think it’ll never happen? Well, watch out.

A jury is influenced by a thousand bits of information each day. I received an email yesterday telling me a friend had passed away. No phone call, just an email. How human is that? Remember, there are jurors who will believe all that talk show radio gives to them,, no questions asked. It’s time to accept them as they are and not judge them. Remember, it’s respond not react. Have a nice day,, I’m rallying against H. B.  2675, you know the bill outlawing fun.


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