Whatever Happened To Fun?

It seems today that everything is so serious that no one can get anything done that involves fun or relaxation. Back when I started practicing law, it was a lot slower and more fun. I used to watch the trial lawyers of note try cases at the courthouse,, but mostly I learned from doing and failing. I learned to think very, very quickly on my feet. The trials were a hell of a lot shorter and there weren’t as many rules. In short, it was more fun.

I can remember relaxing after court with my friends and enjoying the war stories of that day’s struggles and then seeing what was in store for the next day. I can remember helping out fellow lawyers who needed help in trial and I can remember trying many cases without knowing a great deal about the case at all. I won a hell of a lot more than I lost doing that for years.

I can remember that Judges used to not be so afraid of the DA’s office and government in general and the large civil law firms didn’t seem to be as dominant as they are today. I can remember a lot friendlier Plaintiff’s environment yesterday than the defense orientated environment we have created today. I heard that movie trailers will now have trailers about “frivolous lawsuits” and how you shouldn’t sue businesses soon.

Law has become a big business and today it’s got no room for fun. What a shame I say. You know we want to teach our children right from wrong, to stand up for our rights and to do the right thing,,, but what message are we sending to our children when we can’t sue those who wrong us? I mean what good are courts if no one can use them?

Is the business of making money now more important than holding your child? More important than love? More important than just having fun? When was the last time you just went fishing? When was the last time you just played? What would happen to America if it were against the law to have fun? I know I’d be executed,, end of story.

Now then, what new laws will the legislature come up with? I understand that someone in power has decided to make thought crimes the next capital offense. It’ll be a misdemeanor to have fun, with more than 2 violations resulting in a felony and it’ll be a capital offense to think. I imagine corporate America will support that law. I wonder when the government will sign off on this law.

So what do we do? Do we bring back fun? Do we kill fun forever?

I’m just going back to the courthouse today to see if the little guy can get justice. Have a nice day,,, then go play before they outlaw it.


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