John the Tomato Dude

I have a friend who lives near me in the country. John has his own business and talks to me probably as much as anyone else. John grows tomatoes and other vegetables at his place and has quite an operation for one fella. He manages 4 or so greenhouses and always has fresh, fresh vegetables in stock. Sometimes I go there just to listen to him and occasionally, I’ll get some good advice on growing plants.

Now John doesn’t appear to have much formal education, but I do believe that he is smarter than most folks. Never judge a man’s wealth by the amount of money he has,, because you’ll be wrong almost all the time. Likewise, never judge a man’s smarts by the number of framed degrees he has.

I am over there yesterday, eating my fill of fresh tomatoes and talking about his life’s struggles, when I realize that he is giving me lessons on life in general. For a fella who is 69 years old,,, he sure don’t look it. I’ll bet he could carry the load most men 1/4 his age could and he’d not tucker out. I’m simply amazed that this man has worked so hard all his life and is in the physical shape he is in. I do believe that it is something to do with eating fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions all his life, along with working the soil.

I also believe that John’s knowledge of plants is better than any PHD’s in horticulture from any university,,, including Texas A&M. I think his knowledge of chemistry is better than most, because of the fertilizers he uses. I would stack his ability to install irrigation and watering systems, which deliver fertilizer against anyone out there. And yes, his sense of figures is very impressive.

All in all, if you were to meet this man on the street,,, most people would dismiss him or not give him much notice. His armour is not a $10,000.00 saddle, but a $10.00 saddle,,, he just is a $10,000.00 thorough bred horse, with a $10.00 saddle.  Now when the end of the world comes,,, I’m gonna want John right there with me, providing fresh vegetables for what’s left after wall street falls.

You know everyone is special and unique, if you take the time to get to know them. Everyone has personal redeeming qualities which are useful to mankind, if you just bother to look. John would never be called upon to speak on Fox news about vegetables,, because he doesn’t fit the mold,, but I’d rather have him there because he knows how to grow vegetables better than anyone else I’ve ever met. So is he an expert? Not according to conventional wisdom,, but none the less,, he’s my go to guy on vegetables.

If I ever have a case involving irrigation, fertilizer or commercial nurseries, I’d call John,,, my friend, because he’d know what’s wrong and how to fix it to make it work.

Remember, when you’re standing in front of that jury,, and the big law firms have out spent you on experts, do you want someone who is book smart, or someone who knows what the hell is going on? Thank you John the Tomato Dude from Wilderville, Texas for being my friend.

Maybe next time,, we’ll talk about cross examination of the expert,, till then,, have a nice day,,, I’m going to eat some fresh tomatoes.


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