AC’s Fixed and Here’s How

I am complaining about the AC being out and yesterday I got it fixed,, well at least one of the units got fixed and the other unit will be repaired today and here’s how that happened.  As you all know, I am self employed. That’s just a fancy way of saying no one will hire me to work for them full time and even if they would,, I’d say no to them.

I have a client who has some legal problems and I am his attorney. He is able to pay some money, but not all the money the fee is worth. He also does AC work. Guess what, his trade became currency towards paying the bill, just as my trade generates some money. I go back to the old barter system. It seems to work every time.

I am quite happy to trade out services. It makes no sense to me that I have to collect money from a client then turn around and pay someone to do exactly what my client is qualified to do, or wait until Sears comes out to fix the units. You know, my client may need my services over a period of time to solve his legal mess, but I need his services quickly to solve my AC problem. Here’s the beauty of it, he actually came out on Sunday to do the work. He was able to get one of the units going by taking a part from the other unit, which is broken, until he can get the other parts he needs today to fix both units.

By the way, I wasn’t out of freon,,, it was the capacitor on one unit and the fan motor on the other. I do not know about enough about AC to fix the problem, so I need professional help to fix it, just as he needs professional help to solve his legal problems.

I am convinced that the barter system will work and can solve today’s financial problems. Just think about it, a system where we use very, very little money and trade services. I’d enjoy that. It would make everyone feel worthwhile and yet get everything done. Imagine the laborer coming into your law office wanting a divorce, and knowing the fee is going to be a whole bunch,, so what does he do? He will find the cheapest lawyer out there to solve his divorce. What if the laborer came and said, I’ll trade you an attic cleanup and yard work and ___________ over the summer for you doing the divorce.

What I struggle with all day is something he does all his life. What I do with law is something he struggles with, yet I do it all the time and he doesn’t. Now everyone has worth and feels good. All you have to do is say,, you pay the costs of filing, etc., and we’re off to the races,,, everyone happier.

You see, every human life is worth something,, remember there will never be another one exactly as this one. Every human does something special,, no one else can do that particular thing. Why not utilize that talent?

I say this in relating it to a jury trial,,, remember that every human being has an opinion that is important. Just because it is different than mine doesn’t make it any less valuable or unimportant. It make it unique and special. Have a nice day,, I’m cool.

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