So What Would Happen If You Had Insurance, Got Sued and They Said “Too Bad”?

I am dealing with this problem right now. It seems that a client of mine got sued and I notified the insurance company and they said we’re not going to defend him,,, too bad. Well, I myself pay a boatload of money for insurance and if I get into an accident and get sued,, my insurance company had damn well better defend me against the allegations in the lawsuit.

I just can’t imagine what they are thinking. Perhaps they think that because you get sued, you are not worthy of defending,, or maybe they won’t look bad because the fella that got sued is at fault anyway, or whatever the insurance company is thinking,, it’s wrong.

Remember any automobile accident you’ve been in,,, suppose like me,, you are accused of running a stop sign and didn’t. You get sued and turn it over to your insurance agent and tell him or her please help me,,, this is why I bought insurance. The agent says, no problem,,, and turns it over to the insurance company. Everything is fine, or so you think,, until the insurance company tells you,, go screw yourself, we ain’t defending you,, you’re at fault.

Now why the hell do we even have insurance? I mean, what the hell are they thinking? I guess in this environment they must think that we don’t have to do anything except collect money and not do what we agreed to do. After all, the Supreme Court of Texas will back us up. They love businesses and corporations 92 % of the time,, so what do we have to worry about? Hey, that’s great,,, but what happens if your Judges lose and those other fellas that believe in small people get elected before the case is heard? What then? I say just do what is right and honor your contract. Do what you said you were going to do and you’ll be okay.

So what do we do. What does the small guy do? He is getting screwed here and now what? I’ll tell you what we must do,, we must utilize the courts and show that justice is for all,, not just some giant insurance company who will not do the right thing and ask the courts to declare that the insurance company broke their contract. We’re mad as hell, that we have to spend money and time to make someone do what they said they would do. Hell, they even took money when they said they would provide insurance for this poor fella. It ain’t right and it don’t matter what those big law firms say,,, they’re gonna  lose riding that broken nag with a $10,000.00 saddle. All we got is a $10,000.00 horse with a $10.00 saddle.

Sometimes the courts are for telling the insurance companies and giant corporations they must do what they took money and promised to do,,, not just collect money form the small guy. Justice is near,,, I can taste it.

A long time ago, the Native Americans had their tribes and it is an honor to go to war,,, it is an honor for a young brave to become a warrior,, to get battle scars and survive. Many generations of the people hear the tales of the great chiefs doing battle until it becomes a part of their heritage and the young warrior knows that to achieve manhood,,, he must do battle.

Today, the battle is done in the legal arena, in pursuit of justice for those who can not stand up for themselves. So do you want a $10.00 horse with a $10,000.00 saddle or do you want a $10,000.00 horse with a $10.00 saddle? The insurance company has chosen their $10,000.00 saddle with their $10.00 horse and their warrior to ride that nag. Now it is time for this thoroughbred  to saddle up and battle.

Have a nice day,, I’m off to the great building of knowledge,, you know the law library.


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