I’m In Dallas and The Banker’s Calling

It never seems to fail when I’m somewhere else, the banker always calls. I suppose its about a loan that is due and I’m going to sell cattle next week to pay most of it off, but it’s an inconvenience having to pay back money I borrow.

I watch the federal government and there ain’t no way in hell they’re gonna be able to pay back all the money they borrowed, so I guess they just print more and more. I just don’t get it at all.

There’s a new crime in  town and it involves the big law firms. Now here’s how this scam works. A hell of a lot of the big insurance companies are now partially owned by the government and are afraid that the auditors will run them out of a job unless they are careful about paying out money. So these big insurance companies set limits on payouts to legitimate claimants. They hire the big law firms to defend the claims, paperwork the small guys to death, and then pay out less than the case is worth. The only problem is the exorbitant fees the law firms charge to defend these lawsuits. What should have been settled and paid for a reasonable amount, now becomes world war three and millions of trees meet their untimely death because of the paperwork produced. The auditors are just looking at the bottom line on settlements, not the cost of defense of these claims.

So here’s how it works, say a claim comes in for 2 million and liability is somewhat clear,,, the insurance company should pay right? Wrong. The regulated insurance company hires Dewey Cheatum and Howe, LLP or Hookem Crookem Shister and Shaft, LLP and they defend to the death the claim. Most claims then settle for a hell of a lot less than the true value, but in the meantime, these large law firms make 5 – 6 times the money they should make under a non-regulated insurance company’s cost of defense. The fee for cost of defense might be $800,000.00 to settle for $1.2 million. To the auditor it looks like they saved $800,000.00, but they didn’t save any money at all,, it still cost them 2 million. To the claimant he or she only got 1.2 million not the 2 million he or she should have gotten. The big law firm got $800,000.00 instead of say $65,000.00 for settlement outright. It ain’t right,,, but it happens.

The insanity of the theory is this,,, the claim’s department of the regulated insurance company doesn’t care about the cost of the defense,, just the payout number. It’s highway robbery by these large firms. These are the same firms that give pro bono legal services to the poor,, less than 1/2 of 1 % of their billable hours. The ones that volunteer to work the phone banks at the local fund raiser,,, again less than 1/2 of 1 % of their billable time. All these publicized good acts still are paid for in trumped up charges to the insurance company or corporations.

Man, ain’t it great to be a crook in Texas? All you have to do is know what the environment is and then charge accordingly. Screw it,, just make more money. We’ll look like a hero to the auditors and still make a fortune,, the big  firms might say. Anyway, that’s only one of the new scams the big law firms are running these days. How come the bar doesn’t investigate this crap?

Well, that works fine, Big Law Firm, until you meet us in trial. The warriors who do not settle, who fight the fight, who survive the summary judgments are still standing at the end of the day,, watch out. Remember,, it’s one on one in front of a jury,, not me against 350 lawyers in front of a jury. It’s just me and you standing in front of 12 citizens,,, do you know your client’s story, or did you just run your bill up? Have a nice day while your scam works, until we meet in the arena,,, then what Big Law Firm?


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