Houston Chronicle Says “Capital Lawyer” Overworked

It’s no wonder that we see so many death sentences in Harris County, Texas. Yes, I know that the population has something to do with the number of death penalty cases they have each year, but still there are too many death sentences to merit this kind of punishment. There has to be something wrong with the way the courts chose their attorneys for death penalty cases.

I read this article with fascination because the attorney who was singled out in this article could not have time to tie his shoes and work on as many cases as he does. It’s no wonder that he misses deadlines. Hell, he has so many cases that he can’t keep up with the day to day crap that lawyers must do. He probably has no help in his office and is vastly underpaid. Maybe if he were paid more than minimum wage, he might do a better job.

According to the article, he has over 360 felony cases plus the death cases he does, along with federal work and simple criminal misdemeanor cases. That’s amazing. If he were to plead everyone without even looking at the file, he would be in court everyday for at least 1/2 of the day waiting on Judges to take the pleas. This does not account for the time he is in trial. I assume that he is in trial at least once every 2 months. If he is working on several death cases, he must be in court on the average of 6 hours or more per day,, how the hell can he investigate anything at all? I mean, how can he talk to any witness, or the medical examiner?

Wow, I would not want him to defend anyone under these circumstances. What does he do? Does he tell the clients I’m the one who the Judges appoint to see that you are executed after you get a fair trial. I’d love to stay and talk, but I can’t,,,, I’ve got to go to 5 courts today. When the hell does he sleep? Shouldn’t he be psychologically examined just to see if he is mentally stable? Shouldn’t someone go see if he has any help in his office?

This is insanity at its best. Come on Judges, fess up. You can’t appoint competent counsel and pay them for their time, because of your budget and you wouldn’t get re-elected, now would you? Yes, it’s true that even a blind pig will get an acorn every once in awhile, so he may win a few simple trials,, but is he capable of winning a capital trial? I mean, how does he have the time to put into the case to win at all?

So do we continue to put people to death by giving them lawyers like this fellow? Underpaid and grossly over worked will not defend a person accused of a very serious crime,,, it’ll just add to the statistics making Harris County the death capital of the world.

So what if the State created a death penalty trial division,,, one that all counties could use for any death case that occurs? That way, we’d be sure that the attorneys representing death cases were qualified and had proper staff and wouldn’t be working 30 hours per day just to survive. I would sleep better at night knowing that the accused would not have this overworked fellow defending them to a certain death.


2 Responses to “Houston Chronicle Says “Capital Lawyer” Overworked”

  1. jigmeister Says:

    $713k in 3 years off court appointments. Don’t think he is underpaid, but certainly is over appointed. See http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/state/Lawyers_face_few_penalties.html

    • paul2413 Says:

      I read the comments that this fella had a little over 1400 cases in that time he was paid over $700,000.00. that’s something like $436.00 per case. I know read ’em and plead ’em lawyers who make more than that.

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