Fertilizing Pastures

It’s that time of year again,, time to spray and fertilize the pastures. It’s also time to pay the banker again. It seems that about every time this year,, I’m having to borrow money just to survive in the cattle business. I suppose that the cattle need grass to eat and then they can produce calves, which can be sold to pay the banker back the money he loans me to grow the hay to feed the cattle to produce calves to sell to pay the banker back his loan money.

It never seems to stop,, this vicious circle. I guess the winner is the banker, because it sure as hell ain’t me. Every ounce of money I happen to get goes to fix up this place or to feed the cattle, just so I can maintain this country life style. I wonder what would happen if I were to move back to the city again. Let’s see,, no more cattle, no more hiring help to fix up things,, just passing time at the Houston condo, watching everybody get older and more in debt.

I would be able to eat at anyone of a million restaurants in Houston,, I’d be able to go to any movie I wanted to go to. I’d not have to fix fences or bale hay,, just watch the events unfold as I grow older. No more dogs or cats to watch out for,, no more having to kill snakes, no more money spent on fertilizer. I’d have no place to shoot guns or fish is a drawback though. I couldn’t get up at 4:00 A.M. and go outdoors like I do at the ranch. I’d probably have to go to the office in Houston, rather than work out of the house.

I couldn’t just get on the dozer or tractor in Houston,, I’d probably not be able to eat fresh vegetables or fresh meat, but then again,, I wouldn’t have to grow, water and clean them. I would not be able to go to different courts across Texas like I do now, but the Houston courts are where I grew up and feel at home. I could get lost in a crowd in a hurry in Houston,, no longer a big fish in a small pond, but rather a small minnow in an ocean.

I’d be closer to the medical center in case of any emergency, but not close to my new doctors and the old ones in Houston might just be retired by now. I have to listen to the noisy upstairs neighbor who works the weird shifts at the hospital, but I’d have high speed Internet and not the satellite card like I have now.

Most of all, I miss the money I made in Houston. It’s a lot different here in the country. Here, the money isn’t as good, but the pace of life is a lot more to my liking. I remember the reason I left the city,, I kept having to take more and more blood pressure medicine. At least here the blood pressure is stabilized.

So here’s what ‘ll do,, I keep Houston and the country together. There’s something to be said for the farm boy / rancher who comes to the big city every once in awhile and beats those big city folk at high stakes poker. It’s my life and I like to live it as I write it,, not as someone who preaches on radio tells me to live it.

Remember I ain’t never met a juror who was completely satisfied with everything in their lives. Maybe you as an attorney can reverse roles with them and understand who they are. Have a nice day,,, I’m off to fix a washout in a gully,, then spray a pasture,, then go to a movie. The banker will have to wait awhile.


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