Where Have All The Buffalo Gone?

I can see Texas at an earlier time when the plains were full of buffalo and just a few settlers. The land did not belong to anyone,, and the Native Americans would move camp as the rains moved. The few settlers had the notion that they were strong and resilient enough to tame this great land. These foolish few often thought by just claiming a place they could tame the wilderness and make a home for generations to come.

Today, we have the masses of people in cities so congested that they literally live on top of each other. The great journey for survival is often to Starbucks and the fitness club. Meals are presented made of tofu and other crap so that people have the illusion of living the good life. Automobiles carry the people to and from the place those full of this illusion call work,,, usually some mindless task like counting the corporate beans,, all for some coin made of metal other than silver or gold.

The offspring are all taught to be exactly like the fella next to them who is modeled after some make belief robot the new slave masters invented,,, yes the corporations. Man has made for himself a perfect vision of an orderly life,, or so he thinks. Man is convinced that the life lessons are learned by making a profit and using the resources his God gave him. Slowly, but surely discontent is rising in the villages made by man,,,, why does this person receive more coin than me?. One asks the corporate slave master. It is because he or she makes us a profit. Yet, before this man or woman gets too comfortable that they will not be forsaken by the corporate overlord,,, he or she can be replaced, like tires on the very vehicles being driven by those who value only coin and more coin.

What would happen, a voice asks, if we all just play? What would happen to the slave master if we all just enjoy each other for who he or she is, and not who we must think they are? The slave master would never allow this,,, it would replace the interchangeable parts until this very notion is quashed. No,, no one can play,, we are here only to work and serve the great corporation,, don’t you know we have told you what you must believe and we say that hate is good for the country. As long as you slaves hate,,, you will do our bidding. You will exclude everyone who does not serve the corporate god and we will give you trinkets of coin to buy what we make at the company store, where you must shop.

Our talk radio will preach over and over again until you slaves repeat the very words the hate you must have for people who think differently than us with money. You must hate or we will perish. You can not take away our profits, no matter how bad we have been,, you must allow us to regulate ourselves,,, how dare you intervene with our scheme to steal millions from those who are slaves to us,, they preach.

So, where the hell have all the buffalo gone? Why can’t we all just accept each other and never judge one another? Isn’t that what being in the shoes of another is all about? I can accept those who believe differently than me,, but can they? I mean, your jury ain’t gonna believe exactly as you do, so can you make room for the possibility that ____________ ? Have a nice day,, I’m off to the range to look for my own buffalo.


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