Franks and Beans, Or Is It Beans and Franks?

I don’t remember the right phrase, but it seems to me that I have to know this phrase because clients are late paying their bills to me. I than am unable to buy all the guns and ammo I want,, so as a result the economy suffers. I say, just pay me and I’ll do my best to keep the local economy running.

Along with late payments, comes a 4 star dinner of franks and beans. Every once in awhile that’s okay, but not every day. I beginning to feel like I’m a walking ad for that gas suppressing pill that I remember being advertised on the boob tube back when I used to watch it. Something about taking the pill then never having to worry about gas again. How nice.

I wonder if the cowboys of old had to worry about gas? Maybe I just have too much time on my hands, but I suppose that things were simpler in the good old days. There weren’t no tofu dogs,, just real hot dogs. People cooked with lard and breakfast was 2 eggs and several pieces of bacon.

Man, those health doctors today would say to eat that kind of food is dangerous at best and probably causes cancer. Oh crap, those doctors wouldn’t understand anything about living with lead paint, playing with mercury that spilled from the thermometer and other health destroying toys my generation grew up with. I am certain that the American Medical Association would not endorse a meal of franks and beans, but that’s for dinner today.

I am convinced that there are some things out there that will kill you and need regulating. I am not convinced that eating steak, eggs and bacon and drinking coffee will hurt you or stunt your growth. Man, I wonder if vegetarians can ever overeat? Come to think of it though, I ain’t never seen an overweight vegetarian.

So why do I write this stuff today? I guess it’s because of the realization that I’m coming to. I have to set boundaries with clients. I can’t help everyone of the people who visit my office and want to hire me. Some simply can not pay the fees, some have an agenda that is contra to my core beliefs and some just don’t want to go to work and win.

I am taking cases that have important messages and stories that must be told to this generation and the next. Sometimes that means no fees, sometimes that means a hell of a lot of pain and sometimes it means that I’ll be eating franks and beans,,, or is it beans and franks? Have a nice day and remember to make a difference in someones life today.


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