It’s Murder Inc. Around Here, While the Accused Thieves Play

I have been reading in the local paper about the number of murders committed in my small community and it is astonishing. I never knew that there were that many people here, let alone that many murders here. All of them are stupid,,, mostly involving armed robbery or drugs.

I often wonder if the person accused of killing the drug dealer would get better treatment if that’s all he or she did. I don’t know, but it has become a big problem for this community.

On the other hand I read about a local law firm and its partners accused of stealing millions,,, I wonder if they will be indicted? It seems to me that both ends if the spectrum are at play here,, one person accused of murder who will likely get life in prison because of the quality of the local defense bar and its appointed lawyers and 2 lawyers who will likely at worst face a civil lawsuit in federal court.

I ask,,, how is this justice? As parents we teach our children not to murder,, but to stay away from drugs,,, and certainly make something of yourself, (like go to law school), but don’t steal. Amazing.

So is there equality for the poor fella accused of murder? Is there a system in place to protect him,, or will he be given a crappy court appointed lawyer? How about the law firm accused of stealing? Won’t they be getting the best defense attorney money can buy? I suppose the law firm accused of stealing will win its lawsuit and the poor fella accused of murder,, well,,, maybe he’ll get life.

It don’t seem right to me. How is it that money controls the outcome of your future in the eyes of the law?

I suggest that the fella accused of murder will be judged as having thrown his life away for drugs,, while those accused of stealing will be judged as outstanding members of the community. Yet they consume the most powerful and deadly of all drugs known to man,,, that of greed. Perhaps the wise Texas legislature could make the use of the narcotic greed a 1st degree felony, punishable by life in prison and make some murders misdemeanors.  Maybe that would solve the problem. Maybe not.

I suppose in the end the system of justice will work the way those with money and power intended it to work. Ain’t it time for a change?

Anyway, I’m off to court,, have a nice day.


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