Peanut Dude Passed Away

If you ever went to any major league baseball game,, there’s always a guy selling peanuts to the fans. In Houston, we had one of the best. I never knew much about him, but today I am saddened by reading that Peanut Dude passed away.

One of my fondest memories of watching the Houston Astros, when I could afford the price of the tickets, or if someone would take me to the ballgame, was watching Peanut Dude hawk his wares. There wasn’t anybody who could sell, market and deliver his product like Peanut Dude. He had an arm that most major leaguers would die for.  I’d see him throw a bag of peanuts quite a distance,, chattering and providing much more entertainment than most of the game’s stars. I talk about Peanut Dude rather than the Astro’s stats or stars, whenever I mention the sport.

I’m gonna miss Peanut Dude. I was also curious to find out that he spent most of his spare time giving to a charity called the Sunshine Kids, (kids with cancer) and even donated a lot of his meager pay to that charity. Quite a story.

Hell, Drayton, (the owner of the Astros) give some of that corporate money to his favorite charity in his name or erect a statute in Peanut Dude’s honor. Peanut Dude,, I’m gonna miss you.


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