Some Lawyers Just Read ’em and Plead ’em

I don’t know of too many lawyers who have the courage to try a case. Most of the the time, if they have the courage,,, they don’t know how to try the client’s case. A lot of the times, you get “lawyers” who do nothing more than read the file and convince the clients to plead guilty.

I hear it all the time at the courthouse,, “If you don’t take this deal now,, they’ll offer you more time when we come back to court.” “I’d be afraid to try this case in this county,, what with all the Republicans on the jury.”   “If you don’t take this deal,, you’ll end up in prison and I won’t be responsible for that.” On and on the conversations go until it just gets sickening.

The only thing worse is the DA holding back information that will allow your client to walk,, just so the DA hopes your client will plead. Disgusting and I want no part of that. It’s the client’s case and it’s up to the client to decide whether to plead guilty or not,,, it’s not the lawyers job to force the client into pleading guilty.

I just hope in the future we won’t have lawyers who just reads ’em and pleads ’em,, but if we do,, maybe the “lawyer” will someday be on trial and he or she will get a read ’em and plead ’em lawyer. Have a nice day,, I’m still building fence.


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