Well, If The Recession Is Over, Then Why Am I Broke?

I don’t know about you, but supposedly the recession is over and the moneys flowing freely again. So how come I’m broke? I just don’t get it. I guess I keep buying certain luxury items,, like food and insurance, and then don’t have any money for necessities like new guns and ammo. The other day, Baby and I almost got into a fight over a bone. I wanted to make soup out of it and he didn’t want to share.

I often wonder what it really costs to run the ranch and practice law properly. I guess I’m just like those farmers in the days of old,, getting by without spending money on things. I wanted to buy a new 4 wheeler and I priced them Saturday,,, hell, I could buy a car for what they want for them. I guess my old 4 wheeler will have to do for awhile more. I want to dig out a tank and build a new cabin here on the ranch and guess what,,, the prices are impossible to afford.

I am shortly going to have to buy some fertilizer for the ranch and I’m sure it’ll cost an arm and a leg,, but it must be purchased. The dozer needs some work done on it and that costs a bunch of money also. I have these recurring expenses of insurance, power and phone that I can’t get around nor away from,, so I guess I’ll have to deal with them somehow. I found out my new web site is gonna cost money,, so I’ll have to find money for that. I need to fill up my diesel tanks at the ranch and I’ll need money for that. I have to rebuild fence and that’s about a mile or two long and that’ll cost money to do. The bar wants their dues by June 1st. The vet wants his money for services provided.

I want to go to Wyoming this summer and that will cost money to do. Man there ain’t no end in sight. My condo in Houston needs remodeling. The banker wants to get repaid the money he loaned me. The dogs and cats want more food and that costs money also. On and on it goes. Holy crap,, I’ve got to get a job to support my playing. What a bummer. This sucks.

Crap,, jurors have these mind numbing experiences also,, worrying about money and things. I just wonder how effective the presentation you give will be if the jurors are worrying about money. I suppose that in the end the correct solution is achieved if you keep an open mind. Have a nice day,,, I’m going hunting for money.

Well, I guess I’ll start today.

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