Wild West Courtroom

It seems that sometimes the court room is like the wild west, full of adventure. Sometimes the court room is full of hatred and sometimes it’s full of personal trauma. Very rarely is it full of pleasure. Sometimes though the pleasure is there. I find that it occurs when the verdict is read.

One thing about the conclusion of a jury trial is that the verdict will help end the trauma for one side,, but may just begin the trauma for the other side. I don’t like to see anyone hurt, but the reality of the situation is that someone will get hurt in this war of litigation. It’s gonna happen. I see a number of people thinking that the risk of trial is not very large, but I see an equal number of people say the risk is very great.

Sometimes the risk of trial is too great to face the challenge, sometimes it is not. Here’s what I know,,, the client’s story is the most important piece of the puzzle you can ever have. You’d better damn well know it. In order to win, you must know their story and you must know yourself. A jury will never believe your client’s story if they don’t believe you. So in the end, it will not matter how great your “PowerPoint” presentation is,, it will not matter how great your experts are,,, if the jury doesn’t like you,, you’re history and so is your client’s case. That’s the truth about the wild west,,, everyone likes the hero and everyone hates the villain. Have a nice day, I’m off to the doctor.


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