I’m Able To Get All The Ammo I Want to Buy

I guess I must just be special or different. I’m able to get all the ammo I want and I am able to buy it in quantity. I have seen that most of the hits on my blog deal with the subject of ammo not being available, yet with just a little trouble, I’m able to get all I want. Why is that?

I figure that the easiest way to get ammo is getting it over the internet and that’s how I get mine usually. However, that being said, there are a few stores I shop where I can get all the ammo I want to purchase. I don’t get it. The only trouble I have getting ammo is in Houston, where I think every man, woman, child and dog is buying more ammo than they can ever use.

I can see it now,,, “This here bullet was your great-great-great grandads,, bought in the Obama panic of 09,, we still got 1/2 ton of it out back.” I see more ammo and guns available now than in a long time since the election. I guess either the market is saturated or those “anti-Obama” people have realized that gun control ain’t gonna happen this very second and have quit listening to Fox TV about the ban on weapons.

I just ask this very simple silly ass question,,, in my region my representative is Democrat, do you think he will support a ban on guns in Texas? Hell, we’d hang him. I doubt that this “ban” would work anyway,,, hell look at prohibition. But also, don’t you think the Democrats remember what happened under Clinton when they banned certain guns? They were swept out of office by the Republicans. Don’t you think they remember this?

I am certain that the issue of a ban on ammo will come up. It’ll be like cigarettes,, just raise the price enough and people will quit. Okay. I also know this,,, I can agree with the current office holder on every one of his or her policies,, yet if they do something stupid like voting against the one thing that I really like,, I’ll vote for someone else because of that. I’m not talking about raising taxes,, hell both parties do that,,, I’m talking about voting to ban guns or ammo. I guess I’m the only one out there who supports certain constitutional rights, certain environmental issues and does not favor gun control.

So how does this relate to a jury trial? I say sometimes there is a hell of a lot of misinformation placed before you by certain sources in power,,, like the TV. It isn’t always true,, but the perception of those on the panel might be that it is true. Maybe that is a fear I have and need to share in front of a jury. Have a nice day, I’m off to another town.


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