A Guy with 15 DWI’s Shouldn’t Drink and Drive

Man it’s true,, a guy with 15 DWI’s shouldn’t be drinking and then driving, plain and simple. I just wonder if this fellow understands that. He says he is the unluckiest guy in the world,, I say there’s something more than that. My client says that every time he was stopped it was because of something stupid,, but he was never drunk each time. I ask him, then why did you plead guilty each time? He says because he couldn’t afford the amount of the lawyer’s fees for trial.

This time, he says he’s not guilty and needs someone to fight for him. That’s fine I say, but perhaps you might want to consider AA or something like that. He says he’s tried AA and of course, he doesn’t need it and by the way, he says, it doesn’t work.

I tell him that perhaps life in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice / Institutional Division (TDC) might be a real possibility. He says, how much do you charge?

Anyway a client can have real problems that interfere with reality and as a lawyer somethings may be helpful to the client. Now most of us aren’t therapists, but even a fellow like me can recognize that 15 DWI’s is too many and the client needs help with his drinking problem.  Sometimes, as a lawyer, you need to offer hope, sometimes you need to offer help and sometimes you need to set very strict boundaries with the client.

I can’t force the client to go to get help for his drinking problem, but I can fight for him, if he desires. It is not my place to see that he stops the behavior that got him into trouble,,, it is my responsibility to represent him. If he wants to get help, I can suggest some methods or solutions for his drinking situation. Have a nice day, I’m off to town.

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