It’s All About The Group

I’d like to say to anyone who might ever read this blog, that it is all about the tribe. In every situation we face, we are in a group of others who have experienced the same emotional connection that we have. If we have ever been in a bad relationship, there are things about that experience that stay with us forever. My personal experience is not the same as yours or my neighbor, but the common emotional bond of the human experience is shared by those that have experiences with the underlying emotion.

In that commonality of shared experience, we find the bonds of eternal love and friendship. I can then walk in your shoes, even though I may not relate exactly to your experience (trauma or good). As long as I can share that emotion you experience, I can bond with you. If I can bond with you, then others can also bond with you.

As more and more bonds form, we have a group, (tribe) that becomes our resource for emotional growth. It ain’t all about knowing what brand of flour you bake with or what TV show you watch,, it’s all about the bonds of shared emotional experiences that make friends. People I don’t even know or wouldn’t associate with normally,, (not because of who they are or what they do) become lifelong friends for me and I for them. Amazing. I am not saying anything bad about another,, what I’m saying is I would not normally have the opportunity to become close friends with someone who is in IT or someone who is in the field of say teaching, because I’m not exposed to them or they to me.

In a jury panel, we have those people who are not friends with us sitting there and we have the opportunity to form the unique bonds that forever will tie us together. Why not make those friendships? Have a nice day, I’m off to work on a new case.


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