That One Phone Call

I’m sure you all have gotten it,, the one phone call that will change your life forever. It may be some very tragic news like the death of someone special or maybe it’s the hospital calling saying there’s been an accident. But there are other phone calls that are made to people that forever change the way your life will be.

That phone call will go out this week to several “lawyers” across America. To those who receive the phone call, there’s the hope that it will bring a new life. To those that receive the phone call, it might bring a time of intense waiting and to those who are blessed enough to be chosen,, it will bring with it a great joy and anticipation of a new and extremely different mission in life. They will transform from “lawyers” into persons.

This week is the week the “lawyers” will receive their phone calls on the notification of their application for admission to the Trial Lawyers College. You see, each year about this time, the applicants are notified about the results of their applying for admission to the college. In March of this year the applicants must have submitted their application to the college and now the wait is over.

To those who get in this year,, I express my greatest admiration and congratulations. To those that made the waiting list for this year,, be patient and to those who didn’t get in but applied,,, remember never to quit and reapply next year. America needs you. Have a nice day, I’m off to explore new things.


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