Wheeligo Girls

I am reading a novel written about the old days in Texas and came across this phrase,,, wheeligo girls. I am certain that today, we might call them other names besides that, but never wheeligo girls. All one has to do is ride into town and travel down to the “strip” center where all the adult entertainment occurs to see today’s version of the wheeligo girls. I guess that old time phrase is because the girls go round and round.

Anyway, today the entertainment industry makes a hell of a large industry out of sex. It seems that when I grew up, the only magazine we had was Playboy, (thanks Hugh Hefner) and that educated many a boy in my time about the intricacies of womanizing. I remember my red bathrobe and pipe that I used to have ready to be unleashed on any unsuspecting woman.

Anyway, I guess the adult entertainment industry ain’t changed that much in years. Back then, those girls used to trade their wares for chickens and other essentials. Today they trade for Mercedes cars and other stuff. I’m sure back then, they used to tell their clients crap like “you’re the best,, or you’re the only one,,, etc.”,, today it’s “I’m only doing this because  I’m working on my masters at the university and need the money”, or so they might say.

It’s all to get the money from the client. I would like to utilize the principles the wheeligo girls use in marketing in setting my fees, but I’m sure some agency might object to that. Anyway, it’s back to the system of free trade and how to deal with it.

These wheeligo girls maybe couldn’t survive on the frontier alone, so they trade what men want to survive. I guess it all boils down to survival then. Think about it, what skills  we have or what trade we learn, we put a price on it and then sell ourselves to the highest bidder. With the money we receive, we purchase necessities like food, clothing, shelter and a Mercedes. Why can’t the wheeligo girls do the same? Maybe because the price would be too high.

I often wonder about Anna Nicole Smith, (no relation) and how she set her price. I mean, she married the old, old money (literally) and made more money marketing that relationship than she probably ever made being a wheeligo girl. Maybe she wasn’t so dumb a wheeligo girl after all,, maybe she didn’t have to bargin her goods on a daily basis to get a tremendous return for her effort.

When you think about it,, we’re all wheeligo girls in one way or another,, we all sell ourselves to the highest bidder. So what does this have to do with trial? Maybe you might represent some wheeligo girls in your practice and need to personalize your client. Have a nice day, I’m off to sell myself.


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