Alive in Old Texas

Imagine a time when it was rough,, you know, before the Internet and that God awful boob tube,, a time when you were alive in old Texas. It was something to live back then, back when the Indians and rebels ruled the west. There’s a damn good chance that someone would come and take all you’ve worked for on your spread,, just because.

The only friend you’ve got is a good rifle, maybe a few cows, a horse or two and a couple of mules. You’d better hope your powder remains dry and your dog don’t bite you. Yep times have changed since then. Today, people might just come and take what you’ve got via lawsuits, or via a gun, but you’ve still got to be on the lookout. The biggest bandits out there are the credit card companies and the banks. They’ll take everything you have and then some.

News travels a hell of a lot faster now than it did then. The banks and credit card companies flood the airways with stories of irresponsible people who take out loans and use credit cards, but never can repay them. Sounds like these irresponsible folks are the villains. It’s funny that the banks and credit cards companies never publicize the lawsuits against them, or the verdicts that are won by “hard luck” folks who get wronged by the predatory lending practices of these institutions.

So the thieves today are the bankers and the credit card companies, along with the insurance companies. I mean they cry to congress about the default rates, but they don’t tell congress in their eternal quest for the God profits. They break all the rules just to squeeze an extra dollar out of mom and pop. They don’t tell congress about the ridiculous interest rates they charged and the profit they booked.

So when you’re faced suing a bank or institution and they don’t have that silly ass arbitration clause, remember the villain is always them,, not ever, ever your client. Have a nice day, I’m off to the old west.


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