The Locals Are In An Uproar About Gay Marriage

Yup, it’s true. The locals around here are in an all out uproar. It seems that one of the local politicians went and did something very, very bad. Something so terrible that damn near everyone who ever voted will run in the next election against him. Something so controversial that the area will never be the same.

Yes sir, that crazy politician voted to support gay marriages. I guess it doesn’t matter what anyone does with their career or how they might vote and what good you do the community,,, if you support gays around here,, you’re finished.

I really feel bad for this politician, his house is targeted, his children are scorned and his wife is the outcast at all the social events,,, but this fella voted for what he believed in, plain and simple. I got the opportunity to speak with our local hero about his choice before he made it and I am quite impressed with his thoughts. It seems that no one in particular in his family is gay,, not one of his friends is gay,, but none the less,, he voted for it.

We were talking about this one day while we were hunting, before the big vote and I came to know the very compassion behind the man and his thoughts.  It seems that he believes in the very freedom that the hate mongering talk radio is preaching about,, you know, freedom of choice in America,, but because he extended this very freedom to the issue of gay marriages,,, the talk radio criticized him and ridiculed him. This is the very same talk radio that last week praised our hero for his vote in support of lower taxes, better treatment for veterans and less government intrusion. Go figure.

It seems that he knew this position would result in political suicide for him,, but the courage to do it makes him a bigger hero than the safe non controversial vote he could have made. Or he could have abstained from the vote quite easily and kept his soon to be ex-job as a politician.

Anyway,, it don’t matter, the locals around here won’t stand for it,, just like they won’t stand for anything that brings the end to racial hatred or equality,, so my friend the politician is on his way out of office. I ask him if he feels bad about it and he says, “You know, this world is getting bigger and bigger and we got to learn to get along or we will fall. I gotta do the right thing, even if it means political suicide.” I admire that in him, a true belief of reality and equality for all,,, not just those who preach hatred of others over the airways.

So anyway, sometimes Judges face the very same issue,, knowing that doing the right thing may end their career, and I wonder if they will be our heroes or will bow to political talk radio pressure. I would hope you could reverse roles with them and see what they see and feel what they feel when they make their rulings. I would hope I would have the courage to potentially ruin my political career,, would you? Have a nice day, I’m off to town.


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