Chrysler’s Bankrupt

Ah crap,, Chrysler’s bankrupt. It’s a damn shame because I have a Chrysler car. What will that mean for service? For parts? I’m a bit concerned. Now my car, the “Babe Magnet” is a really nice car. It is a convertible and is the model they call the Crossfire. I really enjoy that car, except it’s too low to the ground and my knees creek every time I get in  and out of it. Also it burns premium gas,, not so bad when gas is $2.00 per gallon, but when it’s $8.25 a gallon,, well I’m just glad the oil company regime doesn’t own Washington anymore.

So anyway, back to the story. What to do? Do I panic and trade the car in? Remember Mike the Mooch’s cashing in an annuity because of something he heard on Fox?  I always thought those people were in favor of those that can’t survive in business going bankrupt. Do I ride the storm out and hope that parts and service will be available?

If I trade the “Babe Magnet” in, I’ll take a bath, so I don’t like that solution. Today, no one can work on a car that doesn’t have a computer for the car’s chip. I used to be able to work on my cars, but no more,,, thanks to technology. What will I do?

I just don’t know, so sometimes the best course of action is to not panic and wait. Of course, you could get shot sometimes by just waiting. Damn the irony. It still doesn’t answer what to do.

Oh crap,, maybe I’ll buy a Fiat.

Well anyway, there you have it,, what to do. Sometimes jurors are facing problems that divert their minds from the  attention necessary to solve the case and you had better be aware of it. Have a nice day, I’m off to Houston.


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