Showdown At The Neighbor’s Ranch

It finally had to come to this,, a showdown over at the neighbor’s ranch. It seems that one neighbor, “Henson” rents some of their land to a farmer who grows corn, “Mueller”. Next to the “Henson’s” place is another ranch owned by a fellar named “Rutz” and he has leased some of his land to a farmer named “Todd”. Next to the “Henson’s” ranch is a newbie named “Wilson” who has decided to raise that sod grass you all grow in them big cities on your lawns. Next to “Wilson’s” ranch is mine and even I rent some land to that farmer “Todd”.

So there you have it, the characters in this mini drama about to unfold. I’ve introduced the characters and I ain’t exactly sure who the villain is,,, but I know it ain’t me. Now the plot and subplots.

It seems the only way to drain water here is not to monkey with the natural flow of water. I mean, it rains then it runs off everyone’s land into the Brazos,,, well at least that’s the way it’s supposed to. Now you’ve got to understand when man gets a machine,,, man usually will try and alter the course of nature and make this ball of dirt I call earth do exactly what he wants it to do. Now that may be fine when you’re a kid in the sandbox, but when you do it in real life,,, well there’s gonna be problems and here ain’t no exception.

Many years ago, “Rutz” wasn’t happy that his farmland kept flooding, so he took it upon himself to build a dike on the edge of his property to stop his problem of flooding. Well, that worked just fine and dandy for “Rutz”, but ole man “Henson” now had water backing up on his spread. So ole man “Henson”, not son, goes and builds a bigger dike and cuts drainage ditches to overcome what “Rutz” done,, and guess what, it worked. That caused some backup on newbie “Wilson’s” spread.

Now we ain’t had much of a rain the last few years and the fellar before “Wilson” never really cared that water backed up on his place, because it was pasture and besides,, them cows don’t know no difference anywho,,, he used to say. (By the way, he is one of them Harvard educated “lawyers”).  Anyway, he sold out his spread to “Wilson” and “Wilson” took it upon hisself to raise turf grass.

When old “Wilson” bought his place,, I never seen so much equipment going onto a construction site as old “Wilson” sent over to his new place. There was every type of earth moving machine, backhoes, dozers, big 4 wheel tractors, dirt buggies and other equipment I ain’t never seen before. All I know was “Wilson” got to working and leveling his land so his spread would drain off without a drop of water pooling on his place, regardless of the amount of downpours we might have. Only problem, he done and caused water backup on my place,, it even drowned out my favorite hog hunting stand.

Now as it stands, “Mueller” has his corn drown out and he’s madder than a hornet’s nest. “Henson’s” worried about a lawsuit from his tenant, “Rutz” ain’t likely to do anything at all, “Todd” don’t really care as his crops ain’t flooded, “Wilson” wants to help everyone with his equipment,, and then there’s me,,, just wanting to hunt again on sacred hog ground.

Years later the historians will pen novels about the great water war and summit in Texas here at “Henson’s” homestead. We all are supposed to meet there at around 1:00 P.M. today to see what we can work out. A regular Hatfield and McCoy feud brewing.  Man, I can’t wait to see what will happen next. The suspense of this drama about to unfold is killing me here.

Anyway, drama unfolds in our client’s life everyday. It may be a series of events, it may be just one second in time, but when you tell your client’s story,,, make sure you know it completely before you tell it to the jury. Have a nice day,, I’m off to the showdown.


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