All It Takes Is Money

I’ve heard that saying since I was a little tyke and quite frankly, I don’t really understand it. I suppose I could survive without much money if I had to. I have a garden that raises vegetables and I raise cattle, so I suppose that I could survive with the resources that I have. I have a water well or two and some other items that would allow me to survive. There are certainly enough hogs here to have a dinner of pork more than twice a week. I certainly can fish and catch bass or cat for meals also.

I don’t have a bottling plant to make diet coke, so I’ll have to drink water. I don’t have a way to grow coffee, although I may try it later this year, and I’ll probably have to buy that along with sugar. I suppose I can trade my services for ammunition for my guns and perhaps diesel for my equipment and vehicles. I would have to pay for health insurance and for medicines, vehicle insurance and of course internet service. I would also have to pay for telephone services of some sort. I also would have to pay, at least right now, for electrical service until I can trade for solar or wind power. I guess that government might get a might bit mad at me if we tried to build a nuclear reactor for all the neighbors.

So how about it readers, how can we save money on things? How could we survive without money? Is it possible? I just wonder if anyone of you all could think of ways to save money or do without as much as before. It might be a good idea to share this information with our friends.

You know, I’m of the opinion that everyone has a unique talent and purpose in life. Some create, some labor, some lead, some follow, some build, some heal,,, but everyone is unique. Why not utilize that uniqueness? Why not have people trading for things they need. My neighbor grows tomatoes,,, the best you’ll ever taste. Another neighbor fixes old things,, restores them to better than new. On and on the list goes,, all we have to do is ask. How many of you all even know your neighbors? How do you know what your services are worth?

I mean, if you ask those people on wall street or who are the heads of those major corporations,,, they’ll tell you, they’re worth millions and millions. (Didn’t you all get us into this mess and how come we have to bail your company out of trouble, if your worth so much?) If you ask the musician his or her worth, they’ll tell you in terms different than those who worship money.

Anyway, maybe it’s time to get away from the money system and go to the barter system. Just a thought. By the way, one thing you can do to reduce costs is to ask the doctor for samples of the medicine they’ll prescribe for you.

So how does this relate to a jury trial? If everyone is unique, then they are special and original. They are not replaceable parts of a machine assembly line. Once the person is gone, they are no more and the world will never know their special gifts ever again.  Remember this when you deal with someone’s life. Have a nice day, I’m off in search of money to pay the power bill and insurance.


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