There’s a Pill For Every Ailment

It seems today that there is a pill for just about every ailment a person could ever have. I woke up this morning and take my regiment of pills, knowing that I’m contributing to some CEO’s retirement benefits and stock options. I figure each of my little pills costs less than 3 cents to make, so if I was paying full price for them, there’d be somewhere between 97 and 325 pennies profit for the company. All I can say, is WOW. I wish everything I had I could sell for that much money and it only costs me 3 cents to make.

Now because I have insurance and copay on my prescriptions, I might only pay $10.00 or $25.00 per bottle,,, still an incredible profit when you think about it for the pill company. Suppose we were to extend this concept to lawyers. Let’s see sir,, you’ve been charged with a speeding ticket and a no seat belt ticket. I’d say my cost would have to be $5,250.00 for these tickets.

I’ll only accept cash or check. Could you imagine what would happen if all the lawyers or other professions though this way? Let’s see, dry cleaning would be $125.00 per shirt,,,, gas would be $87.00 per gallon and food would be,,, well, outrageous. McDonald’s happy meal,, $103.45 and a bargain at that.

Yet nobody complains about the high cost of drugs, except some out of work, unemployed less fortunate person or some elderly senior citizen. How come?

When will it stop? Why can’t we all get the profits these folks make? Isn’t this free enterprise? I know, I’ll start a drug company and manufacture these drugs a dollar or 2 cheaper than the big guy. Oh wait,, this industry is regulated and I can’t get in. Wonder why?

So anyway, how does this relate to a jury trial? It’s really quite simple, the principle of absurd extremity comes into play here. For instance, perhaps in a DWI trial, we might ask the panel,, so you don’t think anyone should every drink and drive,,,,, how long must we wait after our last drink before we drive? 1 day? 30 days? How about anyone whose every had a beer can never drive again? Or something like that. Have a nice day, I’m off to the airport.


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