Fear Is Good For You

It seems that most everyone I know thinks that successful lawyers have no fears about their cases,, that they (the lawyers) must be confident. The public probably thinks that fear has no place in the heart and soul of a lawyer who is the champion of any cause.

Then there are those of us who know differently. There are those of us who do not sleep at night during and leading up to trial at all. There are those of us who deathly fear losing and know the fear associated with it. I happen to be one of those people. I am afraid of losing, plain and simple.

Fear is healthy for us in many ways. If we look no further than nature, we see the beautiful buck not venture out into the open. He has fear of this place,, the opening. He knows what terrible things will await him there and he doesn’t go there. But it is his fear that keeps him alive.

Fear is something that needs to be embraced,, to be felt. If we do not feel fear, we can not survive,, we can not live. I am afraid every time I go into trial. I feel the fear over and over again until I know the strength it has for me. As I feel the fear, I begin to feel the injustice and I slip away,, melting into nothing. That gives me tremendous energy to win. I again say fear is good for you. Have a nice day, I’m off doing something new today.


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