I Read That Lawyers Miss Deadlines and Clients Die

I have been reading the Houston Chronicle these last few weeks and it talks about some “lawyers” missing some pretty important deadlines in filing certain paperwork. As a result, some of the clients are executed. Now, that’s damn serious. I suspect these lawyers don’t really think anything bad about it,, after all, the likelihood of them securing a new trial for their doomed clients may be next to nothing, (they might feel), but that doesn’t excuse them trying and filing the required paperwork on time.

I just can’t excuse the lawyers in this one. I mean, they are paid a great deal of money to file these documents and then to make the excuse that “my computer didn’t work” and file the paperwork late is inexcusable. I mean people die as a result of this inexcusable negligence.

The problem with the system is this,, the “lawyer” can totally screw it up by not filing a necessary document and the courts say,, well too bad. I mean, at least appoint these poor individuals a new lawyer and allow them to file something on their behalf. But the courts don’t do that. Too late of a filing means no relief for the condemned.

Now I admit that our society’s mindset may be that the individuals are guilty and that’s that. Kill them. In reality, people and courts make mistakes. That’s why we have appeals. I can’t truthfully say all of my appeals I’ve handled have been successful. But I can say that a number of my appeals have resulted in acquittals, (not guilty) or reversals for new trials. If we didn’t have appeals, a lot of free men and women would still be in jail or convicted of a crime they did not commit.

Anyway, if you are going to accept the client’s case, the least you can do is not miss the deadlines imposed by the court and its rules. Have a nice day, I’m in a new city on a new adventure.


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