Fishing When The River’s Up

Now some of you may not believe this, but fishing when the river’s up is the best way to catch yellow cat. I know most of you all probably think that when the river is muddy, you ain’t got a chance to catch any fish,, but that’s not true. Around here, we fish when the river’s on the rise and generally we catch a lot of yellow cat.

Sometimes it’s exactly opposite of what you think it should be. I mean fishing when the river is rising don’t seem likely to catch any fish, but the exact opposite is true. That’s when we catch the really big ones. This principle holds true in many other things also. It sometimes holds true in practicing law. When we practice law, we sometimes need to remember the exact opposite holds true. For instance, when we are involved and representing a party in a lawsuit that appears to have no defense at all,, we attack. The principles of war apply in litigation.

I seem to remember that sometimes the saying goes,, the best defense is a good offense. Hide in plain sight is another truism that works. I’m sure there are many, many more that we can use in our daily struggle for justice.

So just remember, sometimes the exact opposite is the ultimate truth in law. Have a nice day, I’m off to a new town.


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