Before It’s All Said and Done,, There’s Gonna Be Some Indictments In This Case

Those are the words I spoke to my potential client today. I am certain that there are cases “lawyers” get involved in that start out as simple “civil” cases, but end up in criminal court before it’s all over. Usually these cases involve money and someone claiming to have lost it at the hands of someone else.

I have some simple words for clients who are being sued about this. The client needs to understand that they are facing criminal penalties and not just civil judgments. Most of the clients I’ve represented never suspect that their actions could result in criminal sanctions, they feel civil penalties are enough. That’s not always the case. Most people who have lost money usually just want to get their money back. That’s not so easy to do with economy the way it is today.

On the other side of the coin, most of my clients who lose money and want to sue in civil court, also want criminal charges filed against the wrongdoer. Again that’s not so simple. The “lawyer” can never threaten to use or use criminal sanctions to secure his client’s money. The client doesn’t really care about that,, they just want their money. Most of the aggrieved clients want the perpetrator to be put into jail. I can understand that mind set,, but it is impractical to promise the client that will happen.

So what do you do? When you have a client whose actions are criminal, or when you represent a client whose money has been stolen,, remember it is helpful to understand both civil and criminal law. The attorney can explain to the client the effects of both of the remedies and perhaps help the client understand the consequences of his or her actions better.

So there you have it,, in today’s environment indictments are the norm and you’d better know both criminal and civil law. Have a nice day,, I’m off to town.


One Response to “Before It’s All Said and Done,, There’s Gonna Be Some Indictments In This Case”

  1. mike Says:

    Goodness, I never knew something like this could exist

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