Missing Witness

You know a lot can happen in a very short time. I remember only yesterday thinking I haven’t had a good case in awhile and yet here goes. I’m right back in the middle of it all again,,, right here on main street USA. I’m hired to do a job in trial and one of my witnesses has skipped out. Flown the coop. Went south for the winter and summer. Decided to move and didn’t leave a forwarding address.

What’s a guy to do? This witness is critical to my client’s case and yet,, he’s gone for good. What to do? I’ll just have to tell the client’s story without this witness. How is that possible, you might ask? I say, if you know the case, then you can tell the story without a critical witness. I know it’s difficult, but it can be done.

You know sometimes you just have to make do with what you have,,, end of story. I would have liked to have the witness present, but he isn’t and that’s that. So I’ll begin my client’s story from the standpoint of the missing witness. Perhaps the jury will envision the witness as actually being there in real life.

Anyway, sometimes when you try a case, your witnesses disappear and you have to make do. If you know the client’s story, you can always tell it properly. Have a nice day, I’m off to court.

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