Time To Apologize

I apologize for all the bad things I did in my life and there are many. I’m sorry that I can’t do everything right or on time, but most of all I apologize to me for not being me. It seems for years that I have always tried to live up to what people say I should or must be and I bought into that load of crap. You never, never, never have to apologize to anyone just for being yourself.

It is times like this that I get to feeling bad because I haven’t climbed Mt. Everest yet, but in my own way, I really have,,, yet I understand that ultimately the only thing we must answer to is ourselves. I seriously mean it folks. If you go through life not answering to anyone, then at least listen to yourself and answer to yourself.

I wonder what I would have been in a previous or different life, but it really doesn’t matter,, all that matters is I’m here today in my own skin. In my skin it’s sometimes very uncomfortable and sometimes it doesn’t just fit right,, but it’s my skin never the less. I have to wear it myself,, no one else can or will wear it for me.

So whatever I’ve done to anyone out there, if you took offense for what I did or said,, I’m terribly sorry. I mean it. Part of me says it’s time for new adventures and part of me just wants to stay comfortable forever. If I don’t leave my comfort zone,, I’ll be doing a hell of a lot more apologizing,, so here goes,,, I’m off to a new adventure not feeling sorry for myself or needing to apologize to  anyone for what I’ve done. A new slate so to speak. Have a nice day,,, I’m off to town.


One Response to “Time To Apologize”

  1. lawmom555 Says:

    What if we get to choose the experiences our soul wants/needs BEFORE we are born? That would mean everyone else got to choose the experiences they wanted/needed. So, maybe, all those things you are sorry about – maybe those were the experiences the other person chose to have and you were the one who gave them the experience they wanted/needed. In that case, wouldn’t your actions – the ones for which you are now sorry – actually be perfect?

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