How About Some Real Advice

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I wonder what real advice I’d give to new lawyers about to start out on their own or just beginning to practice law. Well, here goes. First work for some agency that is in the area of law you are interested in. For instance if criminal law is your thing,, work for the DA for awhile.

This gets you familiar with the type of law you want to practice and you get experience on how your opponent will think when you switch sides and become their opponent. I guess it’s also good to join some professional associations, like the local criminal defense lawyer organization or the national criminal defense organization. Next keep your overhead as low as possible.

Clients today do not care about the fanciest office in the world,, just that you are capable of performing the job properly. Now, don’t go and office out of a toilet, but maybe a virtual office would be in order. Get a decent website. Answer the phones yourself if it rings,, remember the call may be your retirement.

Keep your overhead as low as possible. Don’t extend yourself just to buy fancy crap. You can get by on a very few basic computer programs. Get a laptop computer. Know what a case is worth,, not just how much money you need to make the rent that day. If the client has had 2 or 3 other lawyers on the case,,, why?

Be up front with the client. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Always tell the client about any offer you receive. Always remember,, it’s the client’s case, not yours. Spend time with the client or potential client. The client will be impressed with you if you spend time with them, not just get their money and ask them a few questions. Read the law. Know the law.

Be on time to court or in meetings with the client. If you are late or going to be late, call the client and let them know, then give them the opportunity to reschedule. Don’t lie to the client. Most of all get to know the client’s story.

Well, enough “advice” for today,, have a nice day, I’m off to court.


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