Dog Gone It,,, That Elmer Kelton Sure Is a Great Writer

Now I’ve said it before and I’ve even written about it,,, but once again I find myself glued to another Elmer Kelton story,, reading it in preference to doing other things. I just am taken immediately to a time and place that had to be simpler,, no telephones, no emails, no God awful boob tube,, no automobile or any need for insurance when I read Elmer’s books.

I remember a time in my youth when I desperately wanted to be a cowboy. I guess that’s what my generation does,, dream about our youth and how our life would be different if we’d had the courage to follow our dreams. I’m one of the lucky ones,,, I followed my dreams,,, I got to be a lawyer and a rancher.

Somewhere in the back of me is that aching desire to be a cowboy,,, not one of today’s cowboy, complete with cell phones and emails and computers ,,, but one of the old west. A cowboy on the range,,, one who might ride for days and days without seeing any other humans. My only companions are my horse, “Biscuit” and my dog “Baby”. I don’t ride some 4 wheeler,, just my horse and a few days grub along with a roll and shot bag. I got a 30-30 Winchester and a colt 6 shooter on my journey riding the range,, ready to deal with any rustlers or ornery critters that may come my way.

Riding the range is a way to solve any problem we may have or would ever want to have. It’s a way to be by ourselves and to solve many of the problems that face us on a daily basis. I might get into town once every month and see my gal “Mary” down at the dance hall and even go to the general store to lay in some supplies. Then it’s back to the range. Man,, that would be the life.

I guess in today’s environment,, you’d have to go to Africa or Australia or maybe Wyoming to be able to do live that life.  But it would be great,, no deadlines, no phone calls,, no email, no TV, no ________, just the best memory I could ever want.

So how does this relate to a jury trial? I say, every juror has a dream life that is within them. Usually the dream is one of value when telling your client’s story. Everyone of us “dreamers” just wants justice. Everyone of us “dreamers” just wants to right an incredible wrong,, to ride in and save the day. Imagine if you can,, the power of the jury riding shotgun on the large corporation or government. Justice will be swift. Have a nice day,,, I’m going back to reading Elmer’s books.


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