I Wonder if We Can Ever Be Free?

Now that’s an interesting idea,,, how can we ever really be free? I suppose some might say that if we don’t owe money on anything,, we are free. Some might say, if we aren’t in relationships we are free. Some would even say, I suppose that we are free if we only work for ourselves. I really don’t know. I wasn’t born with extreme wealth,  (just incredibly great looks), and do not envision the rest of my life without play to fill my time.

I guess those that work for a living are either happy or unhappy. I don’t work,,, I play all day long so I wouldn’t really know anything about that. It is never work if you enjoy what you do. I don’t really punch a time clock or anything like that,,, I just play all day long.

Sometimes my play requires me to meet obligations of stuff that I have bought and so be it. I pay my bills. Sometimes, my play allows me to travel to different places and do different things that I’ve never done before. That’s really fun. Mostly though my playing allows me to meet and greet new people and that’s really what I enjoy.

I can’t envision myself forever tied to any obligation that requires me to work. I can envision myself being tied to playing all day long. It’s all how you choose your life. There is no genetic code that requires you to do exactly as your father and his father and his father did,,, you are free to make those choices yourself. You can either be trapped in what you create or you can be free. I guess the choice is yours,, not mine.

So, how does this relate to a jury trial? Remember some of the jurors might feel trapped in what they do,,, what they are and their life as they have created it. Trying to reverse roles with them and their lives will assist you in becoming a better lawyer. Have a nice day,, I’m off to town.


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