Send Some Relief Man

You know, every once in awhile, we all need some relief. Today, I got my relief by sleeping late. I am up most of the night working on things that had to get done and I almost got those things all done,,, but didn’t. So this morning I’ll start up again where I left off and hope I can get it all done.

I am talking about doing paperwork. I don’t know about you, but I put off doing somethings until they absolutely have to get done. Usually paperwork is one of those tasks I tend to put off. I don’t mean doing paperwork on cases that I try,, I mean paperwork for accounting.

Anyway, I really don’t enjoy the thought of having numbers on a piece of paper be my master, so I will finish this ugly task this morning and get my freedom. I only have to meet with my accountant and then the task is finally finished for this year.

So how about it,,, do any of you put off stuff that needs to be done and then want some relief? Maybe, it’s alcohol that you use, or maybe it’s buying crap that fulfills that “relief” need I believe we all have,,, for me,, it’s just rest. So why is it that we all dread some tasks and not others? I guess it’s ingrained in us when we are very young and these “tasks” we don’t want to do are associated with bad experiences we have in our childhood.

So how do you relate this to trying a case in front of a jury? Well, maybe, just maybe,, jurors feel that way about jury service. Maybe they are associating the “task” of jury service with an unpleasant experience. Perhaps their parents or friends parents got sued when they were young and now these folks dislike being in the very system  the separates us form other nations on this ball of dirt we call earth. Or perhaps they associate “lawyers” as being “smart” people who might put them ill at ease because these folks only went to high school,,, or whatever the reason. I just know that most people perfer not to be jurors and want some relief from this task.

Just remember the relief these folk might get is putting your client in the pokey for life or not holding corporate america responsible for the horribly disfiguring injuries your client receives. Have a nice day,, I’m off to the accountant.


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