Dealing With The Government (Plea Bargains)

It’s time to deal with the government on some cases I have that need to be resolved. It seems that every time I get a case that winds with a plea bargain, I have to deal with the government. It’s kinda like buying a new car in a way. First you get the initial offer from the government and it is usually rejected by the client. Then you make a counter offer that is usually rejected by the government. Then eventually you settle on some resolution of the case that involves your client getting sentenced to some sort of compromise in his or her case. It’s usually less than the government wanted, but more than an outright dismissal of the case. It’s also less than your client is facing in sentencing and usually makes the client happier than the original offer.

Now here’s the problem,,, how do you know when the government has reached its bottom? You really don’t. I’ve seen some “lawyers” plead their client’s cases when any sort of fight would result in dismissal or a greatly reduced offense. I guess some “lawyers” can’t be bothered by investigating the client’s case and trying to resolve it for their client’s benefit.

I guess over time some “lawyers” just don’t give a damn,,, plain and simple. I see it every day being played out. Sometimes I see “lawyers” yelling at their clients for not taking the crappy deal the are offered by the government or I see “lawyers” getting mad at the client for not following the “lawyer’s” orders. I guess these “lawyers” simply forget it’s the client’s case and not theirs. I hear in the halls of injustice cries from “lawyers” of “if you don’t take this deal,,, you’ll get a lot more at trial. I guess these “lawyers” hope the client just craters to the “lawyer’s” own desire not to try the case.

Anyway,,, some of you might ask,, how do you get better deals out of the government?  Well, I say, if you try a lot of cases and win them, you’ll get the attention of the government and get better deals. Sometimes clients want to dispose of the case without trial,,, so why not get the best deal for the client you possibly can? Always prepare a case like it’s going to trial and you’ll never be disappointed. You’ll get the facts you need to find the weaknesses in the government’s case and then use that weakness to your client’s benefit. Have a nice day,, I’m off to court.


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