Hunting With Baby

I notice this time of year is the time Baby gets awful antsy wanting to go hunting and all. Now this year is different than most, because Baby is getting up there in years and can’t run like he used to. He can’t bay hogs like he used to either. In my time on this ball of dirt we call earth, I’ve never met a better dog.

I can remember times when Baby alone bayed a hog and would just wait for me to come and get him. But today, that won’t happen because Baby will riding on the four wheeler. I can tell you from personal experience that Baby could run for miles and miles without getting tired and bay damn near any hog, but today it ain’t gonna happen. I’ve got a seat reserved for him and he’ll need to take it.

Anyway, I begin to think of my mortality when the things close to you begin to get really old and I’ve determined that maybe it’s time to do something outrageous with what time I have remaining here. I mean, what the hell,,, maybe it’s time to get on with my life and get out of my comfort zone. We never really grow as a person unless we face new challenges. So be it,, now to do something outrageous. But what?

Sometimes taking a chance comes in very small steps and sometimes it is in very large steps. I don’t know what the size of my step will be,, but it’ll be a step nonetheless. I say, change things in your life if you want to grow and get uncomfortable. Look past your immediate horizon and see something else,, new and different. Then do it.

So how does this relate to a jury trial? Remember some of your jurors have never been on jury duty before and this is a new and exciting experience for them. Be a trusted guide and make the experience enjoyably for them. Have a nice day, I’m off on a new adventure.


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